Carytown Couple Holds Sweet Celebration for the Watermelon Festival

x Urban living in a coveted neighborhood has its perks. Carytown’s tag line is A Mile of Style. The Deiblers’ gorgeous rowhouse affords them a quick walk to boutiques, galleries and Virginia’s largest one-day festival – The Watermelon Festival. With over 115,000 attendees every year, Maegan and Cammeron Deibler find it the perfect time to host an annual open house for friends in the neighborhood.

watermelon cupcakes

Guests wander in throughout the day to escape the heat and enjoy a decadent spread, cool drinks and of course, good company.

watermelon jello shooters

photo-7Impeccably designed, the row house is a mix of Colonial and ultra-modern design; exposed brick and crown molding mixed with slate-colored walls and state-of-the-art appliances.

photo-10The Deiblers serve rare orange and yellow watermelon, a treasure commonly found at local farmer’s markets.

photo-11Pimento cheese sandwiches and deviled eggs are a nod to traditional Southern cuisine.

xxxEven the lemonade must match the watermelon color scheme, as evidenced in the above vintage beverage cart, and below, on the Deibler’s welcoming front porch.

Cameron Deibler
Cammeron Deibler

xxxxNext year the Deiblers will have an additional feature at their annual open house – a little bundle of joy. Congratulations to the expectant couple! rang?

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