Have yourself a merry little lockdown

Remember last Christmas, when I warned you that things were going to be weird? Well, it was. We were masked and nervous, knowing that the Delta variant was on the rise. We thought 2021 would be a shining beacon, filled with vaccines and the world going back to the way things were.

He has a good life.

Little did we know that we were only half right. I sit here vaccinated, but also recovering from that ubiquitous Omicron variant. I’m grateful for the vaccines saving lives and keeping us out of hospitals, but I am frustrated that we’re still here.

Because I am forced to stay in, I have to get creative. And because I am a bon vivant, I insist on making the most of it. But making the most of it doesn’t mean doing the most. Rest is underrated. We’ve had a hell of a year, and sitting here doing nothing is absolutely warranted. I can binge watch low-budget holiday movies where the evil characters speak in exaggerated tones, and pop as many Harry & David milk chocolate cherries as I please, thankyouverymuch.

Hamilton building his gingerbread house, as Abe looks on.

I’ve also slowed down to enjoy holiday crafts with my seven-year-old that I’m normally too busy to do during this bustling season. We made a ridiculous gingerbread house with a reindeer outside pooping chocolate chips. We made a snow globe with a mason jar. Every night, we take in a new holiday movie, brushing up on all the classics. We’ve seen It’s a Wonderful Life. Home Alone, Christmas Vacation, A Christmas Story and more. I actually get to snuggle in by the light of our Christmas tree, rather than seeing it in passing while dashing off to The Nutcracker or a holiday party.

Robert and I, before we got hit with the ‘Cron

There’s a good chance a lot of us are going to get Omicron, but even if you are one of the lucky ones, it wouldn’t hurt to take it easy this season. Stay in a bit more to be on the safe side, and enjoy the much-needed rest. It’s kind of great.

While I’m here, here’s a bit of a holiday round-up from posts I’ve written for Ladles and Linens!

I’m obsessed with Terry’s Milk Chocolate Oranges, and when I realized that the candy stores only sold it during the holidays, I made a connection. Between pomander balls and dried orange garlands, I decided to figure out the connection between oranges and Christmas.

To counter all that eggnog and pie, try these to-die-for salmon bites.

When it comes to the holidays, these are a few of my favorite things.

Do you think holiday dessert needs to be pie? Perhaps we should make way for these scrumptious alternatives!

Holiday cocktails your guests will gush over!

The best holiday cookies you will ever have: pumpkin chocolate chip!

Five elements that make Thanksgiving unforgettable – which can absolutely be applied to Christmas dinner, and dinner parties in general!


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