How to Throw a Twin Peaks Viewing Party – or Any Viewing Party!


Marathoning a TV series on Netflix is a lot like being in a relationship. You eye it from afar because it looks good, but are afraid to take the plunge because of time and effort. But then you’re in it and you love it. Then it’s over and you feel empty.

Twin Peaks fans chatting on the front porch between episodes

That’s why I love viewing parties – it’s a group experience! You may not get through the whole season, but you can try. And while you do,  you’re surrounded by good food and fellow enthusiasts. It’s like a book club, but one where everyone actually reads the book and isn’t frequented by women that call wine “Mommy Juice.”

Use famous quotes from the show, such as the above. Agent Cooper loved nothing more than a good cup of coffee.

Waves of happy rapture rippled throughout the country when news got out that Twin Peaks was on Netflix. A viewing party was necessary!

Rules for a viewing party:


1) Serve food that’s relevant to the theme of the show. Twin Peaks was awash with doughnuts, cherry pie and fresh hot coffee, so that’s what we served. Of course, les bon vivants go all out, so I treated guests to a square meal. We had “Double R Diner Fried Chicken” and a kale dish called, “Who Kaled Laura Palmer?”

Dressed as The Log Lady

2) Surprise guests by answering the door dressed as a character from the show. I didn’t have the time or energy to look as hot as Audrey Horne, so I opted for The Log Lady – simple and creepy! You can encourage guests to dress as their favorite characters too.

Bob is the name of a culprit on Twin Peaks

3) Always have popcorn – keep it traditional!

4) Have trivia questions about the series prepared for guests. Whoever gets the most correct answers shall receive a gift. For instance if you had an Orange is the New Black viewing party, furry handcuffs would be an excellent tie-in for the die hard fan.


5) Any little thing you can do to re-create the atmosphere of the show will go a long way. Twin Peaks was set in the Pacific Northwest, and many scenes took place at The Great Northern, so I fashioned our home after that. I created a welcome sign with Douglas firs, and the spread showcased logs and branches with birds on them, since there was a lumber mill and creepy owls on the show.


6) Keep it dark in your place – talking will always happen but at least with the lights low, viewers can get lost in the series they love and remember why they came.


7) A little party favor wraps a perfect bow around the evening. Viewing parties tend to be smaller, so it wouldn’t be too time-consuming to put something together. For instance, at a Twin Peaks viewing party you can distribute individually-wrapped doughnuts or coffee mugs filled with a high-end coffee packet.


8) Always have extra pillows and blankets on hand, for attendees that are in it for the long haul. You want them to feel welcome in your home, so keep them warm and comfortable.


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