How to Host an International Dinner Party!

International Dinner Party 050

Embassies from around the world dot the landscape in Washington, D.C. and the streets are filled with reckless foreign diplomats. You can spot their special license plates, which allow them to drive like maniacs since they’re granted immunity. D.C. was a true mixing bowl, where the Italians weren’t the Jersey Shore type, but the type who spoke Italian and made their own limoncello.

International Dinner Party 040

My childhood in the Washington suburbs was multi-cultural, but not in that forced, PC way that makes everyone nervous. My school featured students from France to India, Vietnam to Ireland. To celebrate this mash-up, Beech Tree Elementary hosted International Dinners, where families cooked food from their native country to share. Stations would be set up with homemade flags, dollops of food were shared and adventurous eaters would mill about.

International Dinner Party 070

The event brought families together in an organic way. It inspired me to host an International Dinner Party of my own!

International Dinner Party 034 (2)
Chocolate from around the world

How to do it:

1) The hardest part? Cooking food from around the world. The most fun part? Cooking food from around the world!

International Dinner Party 033
The spread featured homemade duck pate and Korean kimchi and rice with seaweed!

2) Make signs for all the foods – it will encourage guests to try somehing unfamiliar. A charming accent? Label everything on airmail envelopes!

International Dinner Party 043

3) Feature beer and wine from around the world!

International Dinner Party 015

4) Ask guests to arrive dressed in native garb – clothing from their country. Many of my friends didn’t have such clothes, but they improvised. My friend Tess wore a custom dress she had made in Vietnam. A man of French descent wore a fake moustache and an English friend wore tartan and wellies! But hands down, the best costume went to Kim Burke-Connors, who celebrated her Russian roots with a babushka scarf, a basket of potatoes, a bottle of vodka and austerity!

International Dinner Party 046

5) Buy a basket and fill it with international foods such as Italian pasta, German mustard and soy sauce. One guest will get to go home with this prize. How do you determine the winner? World trivia, based on geograhy, customs and food! At our party, competition was tight, with a lot of tension between the last two finalists.

International Dinner Party 065

6) Give guests a small parting gift, such as Swiss chocolate or a small bottle of Irish whiskey. Guests will love being treated to a night around the world without leaving town. Enjoy!International Dinner Party 047

International Dinner Party 069
International dessert bar, with sugared mangoes from the Phillippines, Scottish shortbread, American s’mores and much more!
International Dinner Party 034
A deviled egg bar is a fun represention of the USA – Nora Ephron used to say that people love to play with their food! rang?

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