Cocktail Party for One Year-Old Birthday? I’ll Drink to That!

Olive Seward turns one!

The Sewards of Richmond, Virginia decided to make their one year-old’s birthday party exactly as it should be – a party for the parents! They survived a year of sleep deprivation among other atrocities,  and it was time to let loose.

Our hosts, Jake and Kristin Seward, left.

The invitations could not have come at a better time; many in their circle were itching with cabin fever, as the snowy weather kept them home-bound with their even more listless children.


Revelers stepped in from the cold in snow boots and were welcomed by a warm glow. Candles were lit throughout the house. Stringed lights hung over tiny nooks, encouraging party-goers to indulge in adult conversation. There were stations for cocktails, wine, liqueurs and a fine whiskey awaited those in-the-know in the kitchen.


The Sewards knew the tried and true tricks of all skilled hosts. They were at ease, drinks in hand. They placed little food and drink stations around the home. This kept guests circulating and discovering treats throughout the house.

Tabletops in every room offered diversions.

My favorite station was the dessert drink station. A pot of fresh coffee sat beside bottles of Frangelico, Bailey’s Irish Cream, whipped cream and sweets. Some guests stirred in chocolate candy to make their drinks richer, while others dipped in their Biscotti. It was heaven.

Most impressive spread – the dessert cocktail bar!

Of course, no one lost sight of why we were there. Olive, their daughter who turned one, was fast asleep upstairs but celebrated in the details below. A mini olive bar stuffed with different cheeses glistened below a sign that read “Olive You” – the popular hashtag used by Olive’s mother, photographer Kristin Seward.

The Nor’Easter Champagne cocktail

Other treats were the Winter Champagne Cocktails with rosemary and orange peel. The Tuscan-inspired spread with giardiniera, crusty breads brushed with high-quality olive oil and a collection of European cheeses. But the best part was the company, with conversation that made the hours whir by in what felt like minutes.

great company

As everyone stepped into the snowy night, they didn’t feel a thing. We were toasty inside and out as we trudged through the snow under clear, starry skies.

Happy birthday, Olive!

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