The Big Easy in RVA

Being a meteorologist in New Orleans is like being a Pilates instructor in LA. You are at the epicenter of where it all happens. My dear friend Michelle got the opportunity of a lifetime when offered a job to be a meterologist at the CBS station in New Orleans: WWL-TV.

I had to throw her a going away party. I wish I could have whipped up some cajun-style finger foods, or a giant pot of crawfish etouffee served in elegant bowls. But it was a surprise party, thrown together rather quickly, so we kept it simple. A stocked bar, bundles of fresh flowers, a kicking playlist (with a few zydeco songs mixed in) and unfussy foods, such as watermelon slices, hummus and a pocorn station, where you could sprinkle on a variety of toppings.

Michelle Morgan and her husband Andy

I decked the place out with Mardi Gras beads, hanging them en masse, just like it’s done in New Orleans, where fences or trees are chosen at random to become positively dripping with necklaces. I created a photo wall with splashy Mardi Gras colors: green, purple and yellow. There were masks and feather boas as props.

The music was blasting, many shots were thrown back, and people were so determined to party, that no one touched the food. What should have been a somber occasion (saying goodbye to a friend) was a raucous night of laughter, dancing and a plethora of blackmail photos.

For while we are sad to see Michelle go, we gained another friend in New Orleans. When we saw her off, she had our full bayou blessing. As they say in New Orleans: Laissez les bon tems roulez! rang?

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