Gotham City Redux

Last year I wrote about how the pandemic put the brakes on my son’s birthday party. At the time, no one understood the virus and the world was prettty much closed down. On the bright side, it gave us pleny of time to craft a Gotham City out of giant cardboard boxes, a homemade Joker pinata, a comic strip photo window and so much more.

Fast forward one year, and we not only understand the virus, but vaccines are being distributed. So we created a socially-distanced party outdoors with masks. Was it awkward? The mask-on/mask-off situation is always difficult to navigate, especially when food is being served. But you only turn seven once!

Hamilton was happy to destroy his art project…because candy. It’s intoxicating, that excitement when the pinata bursts and kids scramble in desperation to grab all they can.

Part of the decor? An autograhed image by the best Batman in film history: Mr. Michael Keaton. This was pulled from my husband’s arsenal.

Stick a pile of high-stakes candy (no Smarties allowed! I’m talking Pop Rocks and 100 Grand bars!) in the middle, and play some dice. The kids get very cutthroat.

  • Roll a 1: Take 1
  • Roll a 2: Take 2
  • Roll a 3: Take one from someone
  • Roll a 4: Give one to someone
  • Rol a 5: Put one back in the pile
  • Roll a 6: Skip a turn and reverse order

The Gotham City Arcade featured a Pac-Man machine!

Batman villain Poison Ivy greeted guests, and the sign redirected guests to the back yard, to avoid having people in the house.

Instead of cake, the birthday boy wanted Rice Krispies Treats. So why not keep with the black and yellow theme, build it into a tower and feature Batman and Robin?

Kids love exclusivity, so no adults were allowed in the Bat cave! It was cool and dark inside, with a bat signal projected onto the wall.

Only brave children dare drink the Joker Juice, which could turn people EVIL!

The happy hosts!

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