Arrested Development Viewing Party

GROUP PICAnother gift from Hollywood means another viewing party! The gift I mention is the re-vamp of Arrested Development. The critically-acclaimed cult hit was canceled on-air after just three seasons, because of all the knuckle draggers who’d rather watch Honey Boo Boo and nouveaux riche housewives grappling with middle age, via a liquid diet.  The liquid being primarily vodka.

But Netflix graced us with their ingenuity, creating and airing a long-awaited Season Four. Will there be a Season Five? Yes. It’s only a matter of getting all the actors together at one time. A criticism of Season Four was that all the actors were in separate scenes, with no real footage of the Bluth family all together. It’s a dynamic worth waiting for.

So prepare yourselves, darlings! Scroll down for tips on throwing the ultimate Arrested Development viewing party!

Pop-up Banana Stand at the Grove in L.A.!
Pop-up Banana Stand at the Grove in L.A.!

It wouldn’t be complete without frozen dipped bananas and corn balls; two major references to the series. Corn balls can be made with a hush puppy recipe – but I just winged it with some corn flour, eggs, a dash of milk, and spices. No matter what, add onion powder and a dash of cayenne to keep the cornballs from being too bland.

I even created Blue Man Balls for the eternal mess Tobias Funke. Just make some good old-fashioned Rice Krispies Treats with blue food dye added to the marshmallow mix, and roll into balls instead of laying in a pan.

As with any viewing party:

– Dress up as your favorite character and ask guests to do the same. Laughter is guaranteed when every single guest walks through the door.

– Lower the lights. It discourages loud conversation so enthusiasts can enjoy the film.

– Have plenty of pillows and blankets on hand – you want guests to settle in and get cozy!

– Have a thematic gift, and use it as a prize for the fan who knew the most trivia about the film or series.

– Refresh drinks and pass around trays of food mid-program so guests needn’t take their eyes off the TV.

Have fun!

2 thoughts on “Arrested Development Viewing Party

  1. Was this the weekend I spent with y’all, and stayed up super late watching old Arrested episodes? I think it was also the weekend you introduced me to that dirty little secret of yours….watching the Kardashians….ahhh, good times. 🙂

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