Top Five Ways to Spring into Spring!

My son and I, soaking up spring in the South of France

Finally! Those deadly icicles have dropped from the roof. They stabbed the dirt. They fed the roots and bulbs biding their time below. Without the bleakness of winter, one cannot fully enjoy the excitement of spring. It’s more than the burst of colors pushing through the brown. It’s the promise of things to come; a summer filled with barbecues, beach outings, and the smell of coconut sun lotion.

Too many people are content to admire the warming weather from office windows. That will not do. Here are the top five things to help you spring into spring!

weeping cherry tree

1) Buy a flowering tree or shrub, and plant it in the yard.

Studies have shown that when people literally get into the soil, they don’t just feel more in synch with the outdoors, but are happier and live longer. Year after year, this plant will be the first to bloom in April, a beautiful congratulations for surviving winter.

The biggest challenge with a hammock is staying awake

2) Buy a hammock!

You don’t need two perfectly-spaced trees, or even a yard! Hammocks can be sold with a stand, and can even fit on balconies. The best part? A hammock forces you to look where you usually don’t: UP. You’ll slow down and notice the blue jays, passing clouds and gorgeous sunsets.

3) Make a fresh batch of sweet tea or lemonade.

Never underestimate the power of taste buds. A refreshing, warm-weather drink can transform your mood and offer something a little more interesting than ice water.

I uncovered this mysterious gem while hiking the woods along the James River in Richmond, VA

4) Get moving!

Whether it’s a volleyball game or a hike along the river, enjoy the cool air before summer ushers in humidity or scorching heat. Not only will you feel great toning up your winter body, but you can work on your tan as well!

5) Do a mini-makeover in your home!

I would suggest spring cleaning, but cleaning is so awful! Instead, lighten up your home. Replace heavy draperies with sheer ones, lighten your bedding, switch out your jewel-toned throw pillows with pastel ones, which look great with a geometric pattern. If you have a backyard sitting area or balcony, spruce it up so it’s ready for last-minute company or a solo glass of wine.

The Boathouse in RVA knows how to deck out their outdoor seating area!

Happy spring! rang?

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