Carpe Autumn.


Autumn was a little dramatic this year. There was no “jacket weather.” A frosty night jumped out at us after a summer’s day. Acorns and walnuts are falling from trees four stories tall, pelting our cars with a metallic ting. Every time you look up, leaves are spinning in mid-air.

A year ago, I blogged about how autumn had snuck up on me. It was halfway over before I stopped to smell the pumpkin spice everything. I had just had a baby, and autumn is a very short-lived party.

playing in a giant pit of corn kernels

Last year I was determined to enjoy autumn despite having a kid. Now I’m enjoying it because I have a kid.


I started last weekend. We hosted a bonfire in our backyard. Like us adults, Hamilton was mesmerized by the fire, clutching his Curious George doll with eyes as wide as saucers. We sipped sarsaparilla whiskey and shared old stories.


Other things you can do:

It may be tempting to pick up a pumpkin at the grocery store while shopping, but take a day to slow down and visit an old-fashioned pumpkin patch. Enjoy the hayride, sip on some cider and let the child run free in the fields.

Even if your toddler is too young to go trick-or-treating, it doesn’t mean you can’t dress up! Put together a clever costume (extra points if it’s not store-bought) get a great shot and share it on social media.  Get into the spirit!

Jump into leaf piles.

at a pumpkin-carving party with fellow Pinterest-obsessed girlfriends

Toddlers are just beginning to learn color, but you can make it fun by taking walks and hunting for special leaves. Especially beautiful ones can be used to decorate their rooms or be tacked onto their mobile.

Carve a pumpkin and toast the seeds with different spices. It teaches the child to be industrious, and less wasteful. You and the family can enjoy the treat while doing an official lighting ceremony for your new jack-0-lantern.

comfort foods like imported Danish kringles, quiche and cookies helped us stay in “the zone” while crafting

Succumb to the shameless marketing and grab a pumpkin spice latte. A sip or two won’t hurt your little one.

Carpe Autumn!


Party tip: A dash of spicy ginger beer takes apple cider to a whole other level


Celebrate Autumn with a Backyard Campfire!

kissesIndoor parties are a mixed blessing. Unfortunately you have to tidy your home. Fortunately, your home is tidy.

Outdoor parties are a different ballgame. Hang a sign on the front door and unlock a side gate. The only part of your home that needs cleaning is the path from the back door to the nearest bathroom.

0166b1f3c49ce32c6cee53c9800e9435127965a147In my last post, I laid down some serious Carpe Diem on old, fleeting Autumn. So I took my own advice and threw an impromptu backyard campfire!


What you’ll need:

– A box of Hershey bars

– Graham crackers

– A bag of marshmallows

– tree sticks (thin, straight and scrubbed down under a yard hose)

– hot dogs, buns & condiments

– hot cocoa (with Kaluha or whiskey to spike it with!)

– firewood and a fire pit

– lawn chairs and blankets

01cc46f775b66cce995e4e6c1c56fbd434956132c6Set the scene! Circle your fire pit with lawn chairs and drape cozy blankets across each one. Have all the sticks ready to go in a metal pail. Load up a nearby table with an ample “Fixin’s Bar” for the roasted weiners, and plenty of liquor to spike the cocoa. How to make hot cocoa outdoors? Fill up a thermos or two with hot water and keep some cream on ice. The marshmallows for the s’mores make a perfect topping.

ttThen, light the fire and RELAX. This type of event is low-key and perfect for Friday nights, when people want to unwind, and not in stilettos screaming over the music during “happy hour.”

014aea944ffc05bec1a63942043d65afaf9a20c021Curl up under your blanket. Tell stories by the fire. Eat marshmallows until your chin is sticky. Autumn will be gone before you know it.